a fairy tale

Hey moon

Hey sun

don't you remember?

we've been stick together for a while

and we've been played together in the sky

what a memory


But moon

But sun

we started play hide and seek

for a long long time

that's why we never be together


moon.. you are so cold

sun.. you are so bright

ask to the deepest of your heart

is it true that you're not missing each other?

but it's funny..

you didn't want to find each other

you're only hearing and knowing through fairy night

so stupid


and sun

you're tired and start to forget

and choose to play with bird in the mountain

don't you know that moon always watching on you?

worrying you


that's right..

sooner or later you will realize



you're not in the same path

that's why you never be together


thanks sun

for the warm..for the care

this is the end of our story

although it's hurt

goodbye dear

I'll let you go to your direction

2 Responses to "a fairy tale"

  1. hiks bagus deh...tp jadi sedih...tapi percayalah di dunia ini banyak sekali sudut pandang....
    puisinya dilihat dari sudut pandang orang yang tinggal di bumi, benar?
    kalo dilihat dari sudut pandang semesta, mereka selalu bersama selamanya dalam hubungan yang romantis, kehangatan matahari terpantul dalam kehangatan bulan,, benar? cinta yang saling berpantulan, benar?
    tapi tidak ada kebenaran mutlak, benar?
    nice poem.


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